Web and Helen Stayman had been dreaming of building their house on their site for years and we were honored to have their trust in our abilities to achieve their design goals. The site is on a knoll on one of the highest hills in Otsego County and is characterized by its curving terrain. It became clear to us that for the house to work with the site, it had to be curved also.

While curving the form, we also cut it into the hillside. The garage was placed on the lower level, which removed it from view. This freed the upper level living, dining, kitchen and master bedroom spaces to enjoy uninterrupted views to the landscape.

The tall glass window wall faces due south which admits ample natural light throughout the day. Insulated window shades are lowered on winter evenings to save on energy costs. The residence employs a foam insulating foundation block and spray insulation in the walls with R values of 38 and 65 respectively. There is a heat recovery ventilation system which controls interior humidity.

There is a unique feeling that you get while you are sitting in the living spaces of the house. The concentric curved walls create what I call, for lack of a better term, curved spacetime.

Immediately surrounding the house, the Staymans have planted a wide variety of vegetation. This further reinforces the melding of the building with the site. Plus, there is no grass to mow which decreases the carbon footprint of the house even further.