Marc and Sherrie Kingsley, the owners of the Inn at Cooperstown, asked us to help them with the design of a new residence in the Village. The new structure did not want to compete with the Inn. Yet is was to be constructed right next door.

We therefore elected to set the new residence back on the property. We also created two shed type volumes. These volumes were designed to read as the service, or support building, to the Inn. You can spot simple shed structures across the villages of New York State. And it is likely that this type of building serves more as support, rather than a primary function.

The residence has a high degree of energy efficiency with the wall and roof insulation. The front porch maintains the traditional connection with the pedestrian quality of the Village. Marc and Sherri say that many people think that this was either an addition to or a renovation of an existing structure. Although surrounded by trees, the interior is flodded with natural light given the tall window proportion.