Holliday House was one of the first projects that we worked on. At that time, the house was entirely original, and we renovated it so as to provide open living space. 20 years later, we were happy to be asked to provide an addition for a growing family.

The curved wall is a response to County Route 52 that runs directly in front of the house. The curved wall is intended to decrease the connection to the road. The small windows decrease the visual connection. The curved wall deflects sound of vehicles.

Our inspiration was Richard Serra, and we looked to his tilted arcs as a way of developing a basic geometry for the curved wall. To balance the closing down of one side of the addition, the other side is all glass. The all glass wall then makes a direct connection between the site and the owner's family farmlands which the house overlooks.

What a difference 20 years makes. From a historically correct first renovation, to an addition which is directly shaped by the site and family. In a way, Holliday House provides a window into our practice in a small village in Upstate New York.

  The inspiration of the Serra tilted arcs can be seen in the evolutionary development of the form in these models.