Farm Credit East is a financial institution that lends solely to agriculture. They provide a range of financial services to the agricultural sector. Given the strong agricultural traditions of the Cooperstown region, the combination of two of their offices to the new facility just north of Cooperstown is a welcome addition to the community.

Their new building needed to be resonant with the local agricultural building traditions. The three gently sloping shed forms of the building are one of the responses to this tradition. Another is the taller central form, with two subservient flanking forms. Together, the composition is tied directly into the landscape, in the same way that regional barns are grounded at the earth.

Farm Credit East wanted to take advantage of the great features of their site, which included views of the north end of the lake, a gently sloping lawn to the south, and the trees which frame every vista. Our response was to place very tall windows toward the lake to bring those views inside. A row of clerestory windows the length of the building modulates and controls the south light as the sun crosses the sky. In this manner, FCE associates are given a constant reference to the exterior. And the movement and play of light during the day is just what we all need. At times, it almost feels like you are sitting outside under the trees.

Another response to traditional building methods was the use of a glu lam post and beam structural system. This, of course, is resonant with the way barns were built over 100 years ago. A glu lam wood system is a renewable resource. Other sustainable features include high R value SIPS roof panels, a lighting system that modulates with the daylight intake, heat destratifying fans, overhangs which admit winter light and warmth yet block summer light, etc. The facility is connected to other FCE offices via state of the art AV.

Farm Credit East also wanted their facility to be a community resource. The circulation thru the building can modified so that the Training Room and Cafeteria can function separately. In this way, community groups can hold meetings and offsites. Another user ammeity includes a south facing patio which opens directly off of the Cafeteria